Thursday, 23 February 2017

4 Things You Mustn't Do as an Upcoming or Beginner Musician

As a beginner musician or a musician who is just starting and has not gained wide recognition or fan-base, there are certain things which you must be conversant with and mustn't do in order not retard the progress of your musical pursuit or career.

In Nigeria and most Africa countries today, the get-rich-quick mentally has eaten deeply into majority of Nigerians up to the extent that why most people tend to go into music is simply because of the money they want to generate from it. Just because Olamide, Wizkid, 2face, P-Square and other top notable Nigerian musicians are making money from music most of these persons are entering the music industry just to make money too. However, doing music for the money as an upcoming artiste will not favour you because i have seen many situations where most people tend to do music just because of the money, and after some time, quit because the money was not forth-coming. So as an upcoming musician am not sure you will love to follow this same path; do music for the passion and not for the money in order for your passion not to reduce or wilder away. I bet you, if you can put passion first even if for now you're not making money from music, this passion will make you keep doing music without quitting. I promise you, the sky will be your limit.

The second obstacle you must avoid as an upcoming musician is unwillingness to spend. Before entering into the game of music, you must know that music involves money and if you're not willing to spend on your musical pursuit then it shows you are not ready. I once had this mentally. I can remember vividly some months back, there was a song i wanted to produce, not that the money was not there but it was the willingness to spend the money doing that song that was very difficult, hence, i didn't do that song rather i was delaying. Since then i decided that come rain come shine i must spend the little i have for my musical pursuit. You too can make this decision and i tell you your musical journey will not be far anymore.

The third thing you mustn't do as an upcoming musician is being introverted (shy and unsociable). Well, shyness is something that is natural in some persons. Most people tend to be shy and introverted. They mind their own business and distinct themselves from other persons. They lack the spirit of sociability. You must know that when it comes to the world of music, sociability is the key. In this life, it is not what you know that matters but who you know. You don't know who might possibly hook you up with Alaba International Market. Try to socialize yourself with other musical artiste and forget whether he/she is a circular or gospel musician because socialization is the key to music success.

Lastly the fourth thing you must avoid as an upcoming artiste is laziness. There is a popular saying that Rome was not built one day; you must always be up and doing when it comes to doing what needs to be done that will add to the progress of your musical pursuit. Every dream of any upcoming musician is to be a top musician. So you must actively and consistently work towards the realisation of your dream.

I hope you have learnt some things from this article. However i will still like to appreciate you comment on this.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Precisely speaking, i have so many reasons why i created this blog but i will only emphasize more on some reasons.

One of the major reasons why i created this musical and entrepreneurial online academic blog boils down to the fact that, in Nigeria and the world at large today, there are a whole lot of upcoming musicians who long and wish to be at the top of their musical career but do not know the right path to follow in order to get there, hence, this blog was created to fulfill the mission of positively directing these musicians in achieving that goal.

The second reason is due to my passion for music. I have had music as a passion right from my childhood days. Kudos to my lovely dad who prepared the way for my musical passion. While i was growing up as a kid, my father was into music, not as a profession but as a part-time job; he was a civil-servant at a Federal Secretariat. He was also a manager of a local musical band and he also plays the guitar instrument (not very well). He taught me a little of how to play the guitar when i was a kid. Since then my curiosity to play the guitar increased. Thank God that today i am a guitarist and also a keyboardist. I am looking forward to learn more couple of instruments and not just only that but to impact this knowledge on some upcoming musicians who do not know how to play instruments like the guitar, keyboard, bass guitar e.t.c.

Chuk Palahnuk 
Chuck Palahnuk, an author, said, "We all die - the goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. 
William James, a psychologist went further to say that, "The greatest use of life is to spend it doing something that will outlast it."

William James (A Psychologist)
This goes to show that no human is born to live forever, everybody must die but the big truth or question is, "What will outlast your life here on earth even after you are dead and gone? I don't know about you but mine is this blog. I strongly believe that years to come even when i am dead and gone, this blog will still remain to fulfill its  aim/purpose here on planet earth which is to help and serve as a guide to those musicians who long and wish to be at the top of their musical career and also to help those musicians yet unborn.

Lastly, this great blog reveals the dos and dont of music i.e. the things you must do and mustn't do in order to become a better musical artiste who will considerably be admired by all.